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AvePoint Policies & Insights (PI)

AvePoint Policies & Insights (PI) for Microsoft 365 makes it easy for partners to run tenant-wide security reports and apply policies to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, SharePoint and OneDrive to keep collaboration secure. With PI, partners have all the power (without the shell) to automatically find and enforce security and configuration policies, create audit reports and deliver sustained value to your clients.

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Secure Microsoft 365 Collaboration

PI makes it easy to run tenant-wide security reports. But how do you know if there’s an issue?

PI transforms traditional security reporting by adding context. Aggregated sensitivity and activity data across Microsoft Teams, Groups, SharePoint and OneDrive ensures your most critical issues are prioritized for action. Then, edit permissions and settings in bulk and set policies to be enforced automatically. All your workspaces, completely secure.


Gain Insights


Set Policies

Aggregate Microsoft 365 permissions and security data with activity and sensitive information types Set policies based on insights or your company guidelines that are enforced automatically
Report on permissions data across your tenant, or drill down into Teams, Groups, SharePoint and OneDrive to monitor specific services or users Apply policies to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, SharePoint and OneDrive to keep collaboration secure
Critical issues are prioritized according to how you define risk – based on sensitive information types and how you define exposure Alert or revert out of policy changes as often as every 15 minutes
Select from Microsoft’s sensitive information templates aligned to your industry or region, or build your own within Microsoft 365 security and compliance centers Policies are triggered based on Microsoft activity feed data
Drill down into known or potential issues, and make edits directly from reports using the complete context of content activity history and content sensitivity

20+ out of the box policies can be configured with a few simple clicks, so you can selectively apply rules to workspaces based on context, such as metadata or sensitive information types like:

• Classification Enforcement

• Creation Restriction

• Deletion Restriction

• Membership / Ownership Restriction

• Pre-defined Group Members (via Cloud Governance integration)

• External Sharing Settings

• Site Content External Sharing Settings

• and more… View the full list here

Security dashboards demonstrate reduced risk and progress over time for anonymous links, external user access and shadow users

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